Grow your business

The 6 Week Business Accelerator Program is a fast paced program that helps business owners add the structure they need to run a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable business. 

Ran over 6 weeks, this course offers business owners one to one weekly coaching sessions, online group Q&A webinars and the online program to deliver all the educational material, training resources and templates. 

Participants can join this program at any time and have on-going access to the weekly Q&A training's for the life of the program.

In this program, business owners will: 
• Your Why
• Business overview
• Position & Profit
• Your business plan
• Your end game goal
• Create your vision board
• Complete a product & service review
• Create killer deals
• Complete and expense audit
• Finalise your businesses reporting chain
• Cull expenses to increase profit
• Write your job descriptions using provided templates
• Create opt in’s to build your email data base
• Audit your website
• Set-up your Facebook pixel & custom audiences
• Clear old stock
• Host a famil
• Complete staff appraisals
• Future plan
• Write budgets

Coaching sessions are weekly and with our Lead Coach April Whiston. Financial reviews and training are provided at no extra fee with our lead finance trainer, Trent Whiston and minor website repairs are completed by our web developer. 

The online program is easy to navigate and participants retain access to this for the life of the program. This means, they can re-watch videos, re-use templates etc when needed. 

This program has been created over a two year period whilst working with hundreds of clients. This is a mapped out, proven program that will see results. 

The core foundation of this program is structure, content and commitment. If you get these three pillars stable, your business not only increases in profitability, but resilience and value. 

To book a free consultation call about this program, please complete the form below or call 0421 453 599 at any time.