Find out more about yourself through behaviour profiling

Behaviour Profiling

Behaviour profiling is a valuable tool based on the science of human behaviour and psychology. Dating back to 1921, this method of analysis and what it can teach us about ourselves and those around us is powerful!


In 2019, many businesses are using this methodology to enhance their teams and their leaders. It is a process that boasts an 88% accuracy rate and is proven to improve individuals perception of self, their thought processes and how they interact with the world and one another.


This training is suitable for any business or individual that wants to take themselves to the next level, to up-skill their team and improve communication and understanding of one another, which ultimately improves workplace culture and results.

Behaviour profiling is a system that assesses the individual and the team energy. It provides information to the profile specialist regarding the participants internal world (how they feel inside), their external world (what they portray to the world) and has the ability to identify common themes within their lives such as 'lack of information', 'stress', 'confusion' and or 'doing things completely out of alignment'.


It can provide clarity and direction and greater understanding to why people are the way they are.

This training provides a great learning platform for individuals to learn traits and skills that do not come naturally to them and to enhance their general knowledge and appreciation of human behaviour and the importance of acceptance and quality communication.


Boss Lady Brain recommends this training for teams or individuals that have undergone significant change in the past, are undergoing growth or change periods, have a number of dynamic characters in the team and those who want to improve their team culture and results through positive education as opposed to rigorous and culture depleting financial targets alone.

So why have your profile analysed? 

This profile analysis will outline for you things that you find of ease and things you can improve on. It will identify to you any pressures, stress or misunderstandings about yourself and your situation. 

It is ultimately, in our opinion, one of the greatest self development tools anyone can engage with and it is strongly recommended to any person wanting to help themselves move forward with growth and success in their lives both personally and professionally. 

How it works

After engaging with April, our lead Behaviour Profile Specialist the following will occur:

  • A one-to-one coaching un-pack session is scheduled

  • A link will be emailed to you.

  • Complete the short online assessment and submit.

  • Your Behaviour Profile will be generated with approximately 88% accuracy

  • This will be forwarded to lead coach, April Whiston

  • At your scheduled un-pack session, your profile will be provided to you and a coaching un-pack session with April conducted

  • In the 1 hour session, you will discover your natural profile, strengths, stretches, communication style, why people see you the way they do and so much more in-depth knowledge about yourself.

Need to know more?

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