Business Boost Program

Weekly Online Group Training

for just $7 per week.


- Weekly Group Coaching

- Private Facebook Group

6 Week Business Accelerator

A six week intensive program for business owners turning over $100,000 plus per year. 


- Online Program & resources

- Weekly one to one coaching

- Weekly Group coaching

Start-up to Thrive

An online program that steps aspiring

small business  owners through a 10 week course from start-up to thriving. 


- Online Program & Resources

- Weekly Group Coaching

Online Hybrid Programs

You Select

At Boss Lady Brain, we take the privilege of working with our clients and their businesses extremely seriously. We do not believe in selling someone an online program and leaving the to themselves. To complete an online course takes commitment and time. Without accountability and weekly coaching, this can be very difficult. 

The purpose of you starting and online program is to shift you from where you are right now, to when you want to be. To do that, you must complete the program. 


Therefore, at BLB we only run online hybrid programs. 

A hybrid program is one that provides an online program with modules, content, videos and training exercises. We accompany every online program with weekly online group coaching and in our advanced program, the '6 Week Business Accelerator' these participants receive weekly one to one group coaching, strategy assistance and access to their coach throughout the 6 week program. 


If you are unsure which program suits you, we encourage you to call or email us directly. 

Online Weekly Group Coaching for $1 per day.

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A 6 Business Week Business Accelerator Course for small business owners

A 10 module course with online group coaching for new & start-up business owners

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