10 Tips- To Shifting your business online

Is your business needing to shift online?

Covid-19 has made us re-think...

For some time now, we have heard murmurs of businesses needing to be more tech savvy, more aware of the importance of social media, up to speed with the use of video, live-streaming and video content platforms.

Never has it been more important than now!

In March 2020, we find ourselves in un-chartered territory. Never in my lifetime have we experienced moments like this. I frequently find myself analysing, bargaining and trying to predict what is going to happen. But, the truth is, none of us know.


In business, we have to act on the 'now'. We must look at what is happening 'now'.

Right now, if you have a business, you MUST engage more with your clients and your MUST opt for greater use of technology.

This does not have to be scary, in-fact, this can be fun. Here are 10 ideas to help shift your business into the tech world, enable client connection and survive this uncertain time.

1. Increase your social media outreach- post frequently, give value, share tips, tricks and value to your online audience.

2. Join platforms you are not yet on- Linked In, TikTok and a new one... Vero.

3. Create Facebook Groups- use groups for your clients or staff to connect in a private.

4. Host virtual meet-ups- Use Zoom to host online meetings. This platform allows you to see another, chat as normal and it can be recorded to share with others who can't make the call.

5. Connect your Facebook Pixel- this is needed to track your analytics for re-targeting purposes. This must be done if you plan to spend money on paid Facebook/Instagram advertising.

6. Email your clients- using Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor increase the amount of times your businesses message is showing up in your clients inbox.

7. Sell your products or services online- set up a shopping cart and add your products or services to a cart for people to buy online. This can be used for retail sales and even hospitality! People can order coffees, food etc online as needed. Popular platforms are Shofify, Wix and Big Commerce.

8. Use text- if you've got your clients numbers, text them. Don't sell to them, text them, add value and look after their needs.

9. Convert your content to downloadable PDFs or E-magazines- PDFs are easy to create, simply export your document in a PDF format. E-magazines can be created via JooMag or Flipsnack.

10. Go Live- Live video has the greatest engagement on our social media platforms and in these times, people are HANGING for FRESH CONTENT. Hit the LIVE button and connect with people.

By doing at least SOME of these steps, you'll be increasing your online footprint. The more footprints you make, the more people will remember you.

As always, if you're unsure, new to this or just want some support, reach out. I'm available for calls almost everyday due to cancellations in travel plans that I had, so let's connect.

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Tip 11: Allow people to book online: Calendly or Acuity are my preferences 😉

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