4 tips to help you lay the smack down on your business

Business can be like a gauntlet with gladiator’s gang tackling you at intervals. There is no doubt that when we get into business it stretches us and challenges us in ways only business can do.

When you have a passion and a desire for something to succeed, you go to great odds to make it work.

But… what if there we ways to make it easier, more enjoyable and less isolating?

The good news, there is.

Below are 4 tips to help you lay the smack down on your business and become a satisfied and happy business owner:

Tip #1:

Get clear on your product and service offering. If this doesn’t happen, you stay in the creative and innovation zone. The creative and innovation zone is fun, but it’s exhausting and when you’re in it, you’re not making money. I encourage people to get clear on what they do as quickly as they can. If this means you only have one clear and refined product or service to sell, that’s ok, it’s actually great!

I heard from many successful retailers yesterday at the Run The World Conference and 100% of them agreed, less is best.

Tip #2:

Keep track of your client/customer leads and nurture the clients/customers you have converted. Business isn’t about the money; it’s about doing something you love. Our clients/customers are like us and love what we do or offer, so love them back. Don’t be afraid to make friends with your clients and enjoy this benefit of building a business.

Tip #3:

Find a support network. Make an effort to find people who are in the same position as you, who are hustling in business. These connections are priceless, and they greatly reduce isolation and the feeling of craziness. As the saying goes, ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

Tip #4:

Invest in yourself. I cannot emphasise how important this is. Investing in your self and your personal development as a human in one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your business. Attend conference, seminars, training's, masterminds, listen to podcasts and anything else that comes your way.

In these training's you will be about to help fulfil the top 3 tips I gave you and grow in ways you didn’t know before attending.


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