5 Tips to help with confidence

One thing I have recently been thinking about and focusing in on is ‘why are some people doing better in their business than others’?

I have asked myself this questions multiple times and I have in the recent months been sitting back and observing what happens as my clients and those around me progress at a rapid rate or make the shifts they have been wanting to make for a long time.

As a trained coach, I understand the things that hold us back. These are taught first up in our training's and helping clients to overcome fears, feelings of low self-worth and not being enough are powerful tools we have in our tool-belt, but in my experience, there is an extra step.

This extra step I have witnessed to be true in all aspects of my career as a leader in the nursing, caravan park and business coaching spaces.

What is it you ask?


In my time of working with people and my recent months of focusing on this topic, I see confidence key to people’s success in business and life in general. It is one thing to overcome fears, low self-esteem and feelings of not being worthy, and another to muster up the confidence and do something with your newfound sense of self and the world.

So, what is confidence?

In my words, confidence is the ability to embrace risk, judgement and progress. It is the ability to throw yourself all in and believe in yourself and your mission. Someone who is confident has an altered sense of failure, and that is, ‘no matter the outcome, I am going to learn something’.

By adopting this thought process and when feeling backed and supported, people can massively grow in confidence.

Within our online group coaching program, Unique Tribe, we have just hit session 20 and the growth in each woman in this group is phenomenal. Why?

They have each other’s back, they uplift, embrace each other’s strengths and weaknesses and go the extra mile to champion one another when they win. As a result, they have a tribe, a support network and safe place to be truly themselves.

Being truly themselves allows them to increase in confidence and self-awareness and as a result, they take faster action, make quicker decisions and in my words ‘get shit done’.

So, my challenge to all the people reading this, who want to progress faster in what ever it is, is to work on your confidence.

Below are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Reassess the 5 people you hang around most. Cull the ‘Debbie-downers’ and replace them with upbeat and uplifting people who are aspiring to achieve things like you.

2. Focus on what you want. Own it. Create a vision board with your goals and dreams and keep it somewhere that allows you to see it frequently.

3. Don’t settle. Don’t allow others to convince you that settling for a ‘good life’ is OK,

strive for a ‘great life’.

4. Find a mentor. You may know them personally or not, either way study what they do and do all you can to get in their company (just don’t become a stalker).

5. Allow yourself to be you, warts and all. We are human and we are all imperfect. Embrace your strengths and maximise their ability. If you want to work on your weaknesses, do so, or outsource tasks you are not good at.

In summary, during my time of observing this topic, I truly believe confidence trumps the majority. Even if you are fearful, crapping yourself and scared of being a fraud… Choose to step into confidence, build it up and eliminate the people around you who are sucking the greatness and confidence out of you.


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