Being Brave

What does being brave look and feel like to you?

We all have a different perspective and opinion on what ‘being brave’ is, so this week in our Sunday mail-out, I thought I would dive deeper into this topic.

Brene Brown talks about being brave. She shares that in her years of research around emotions and leadership, one of the most common attributes that employers look for when employing employees is their ability to be brave.

This got me thinking…

How do we define brave? What is it we are looking for?

According to one of my closest and most relied upon friends, Dr. Google, the definition of brave is: To be ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

This then led me to explore the definition of courage. According to Google courage is: The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

What I learned is that bravery and courage go hand in hand. They are like the ying and the yang, the Hamish to Andy.

And then I thought… How does one get these attributes in their life to action? How can one choose to be brave and choose to be courageous?

I reflected on myself and in a vulnerable share, I will explain my experience.

As many of you may have seen this week, I cut off my hair.

35 years of long hair, gone….

I was scared to do this, but it was getting me down, making me feel drab and I didn’t feel good about myself. I felt like I was keeping this hair (I know, weird example) for the sake of everyone else.

My daughter had told me not to cut it, my sister wanted me to keep it for her wedding and my husband loved my long hair. My mother had always told me ‘short hair is for boys’. These internal and external conversations where tearing me apart and I was being someone I didn’t want to be. I wanted to have short hair, but I kept it long for everyone else.

Can you relate to this in any way? Are you keeping something for the sake of others around you?

Then, on Tuesday this week, something clicked inside me. I got on the phone, rang my long-term hairdresser and booked in to have my hair cut off.

What was that ‘thing’? It was my thoughts around ‘fuck judgement’. I was keeping this hair out of fear, out of the fear of judgement by my loved ones. In that instance I thought, ‘stuff them, love me for me, or whatever’.

At that moment, I was brave and courageous. In order to stick to my commitment, I had made to myself, I told people around me. I told people to keep myself accountable.

Accountability I feel, goes along side being brave and being courageous.

So, my message this week is to be brave. Be courageous and hold yourself accountable.

Throw judgement to the wind, because if we are worry about the judgement of others, we really are speaking down to ourselves and holding ourselves back.

Be brave, courageous and accountable and have a rocking week!

Much Love,

April x


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