Dive in to the data! (headfirst)

Statistics and Analytics are everywhere for us!

In today's market, we have access to the most 'real-time' data ever before. Are you making the most of it? Almost every platform that we use to connect with our customers or clients offer statistics. These platforms are not limited to, but include:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Linked In

- Mailchimp

- Our website

So what do these statistics tell you, and what can you do with the data?

This data will show you basic things, like your reach and your engagement with your audience. It will tell you how long they have been on a particular page of your website and which pages they have been to most (scarily cool).

But, my honest opinion, the most powerful of the statistics comes from the demographics section. In this section, the data will tell you the client or customers:

- Location in the world

- Age

- Gender

- What device they have used, ie. PC or mobile phone

- Whether they are a first time user or an existing user 

- What pages they have engaged with and

- How long they spent on the page.

With this data, you can re-check your avatar client status. Our avatar client is our ideal client or customer. They are the client or customer we know the most about and pitch our product or service to in order to gain business.

(If you need assistance with refining your avatar client, please be in touch). 

From this data, you can amend the times you send out your emails, post to your socials and pitch new concepts to your audience to help you increase your engagement and connection with your customers or clients. Using data take the guess work out of business and gives us something factual and tangible to work with and make decisions based on. 

As a BASELINE, at Boss Lady Brain we recommend accessing the data at a minimum from:

- Your website via Google Analytics

- Your most used social media platform statistics

- Mailchimp reports (if using it, we recommend you do).

From here you will have evidence to guide you in your business and it helps remove the 'ad-hoc' decision making process. It can provide structure for your marking plan and the ability to define how much time you need to be spending on these tasks weekly.

Without statistics and analytics, we are effectively running the 'hope' strategy. We 'hope' our posts and content hits the mark, we 'hope' our pitch converts and we 'hope' we have our avatar client analysis correct. 

On closing, if you are in business, we can not stress enough, 'know your numbers'. Know your numbers is not just about finance, it is about reach, engagement, conversion, demographics and the list comes on.

If you or somebody you know needs help with the mentioned above, please direct them to BLB.


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