Resourceful Vs Unresourceful

This language gets thrown around a lot in the coaching world and I believe with good reason.

Every single thing we do, word we speak or judgement we make can be viewed as resourceful or unresourceful and the perception of which it is, will be based on the lenses you are seeing it though…

Cryptic start?

So, what the heck is resourceful and unresourceful?

Let’s use these words interchangeably as we discuss behaviour.

The definition of resourceful is ‘having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties’. This means the individual can find strategy or a method to overcome a challenge in a fast-paced fashion that could be deemed clever and I would add, in an emotionally intelligent way.

Therefore, the definition of unresourceful would be ‘un-able to deal skilfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties and challenges in an emotionally intelligent fashion’.

Emotional intelligence is a huge chapter for anther blog post, but if you’re wanting further information on emotional intelligence, her is a link to some articles>>>

So, I ask you, are you being more resourceful or more unresourceful within your life?

Personally, I feel I am mostly resourceful, however, there are times I slump into un-resourceful. When my unresourceful side comes out, with that comes blame, shame, guilt, excuses, running away, sabotage, questioning and I am sensing you’re getting a clearer description of unresourceful behaviour.

This behaviour may arise due to fatigue, sadness, overwhelm, exhaustion, a decision is not granted in my favour or other similar life events. One thing I do know about unresourceful behaviour is that it can come, and it can go.

We can feel the emotions that rise within, let them in and then move on. It is incredibly important to do this as suppressing emotions may only lead you to a skewed mindset and an abundance of un-felt stored emotions in your body. When you store emotions, this leads to sickness, stress, depressive states, low moods, isolation and the list goes on.

On the other hand, one can be resourceful. I can be positive, upbeat, transparent, responsible, passionate and again, I'm sense you’re gaining a clearer understanding of resourceful behaviour.


What if we think and feel we are being resourceful, yet others believe we are being unresourceful?

This will happen and it is not our responsibility to attempt to convince or tell other people how they should view our actions. If people see our actions as un-resourceful, they are un-resourceful to them. If they see our actions as resourceful, then they are resourceful to them.

We can never fully understand someone else’s mind, nor their concept of perception. Their perception of resourceful and un-resourceful behaviours is completely independent of us and is dependent on their life events, mindset, view of the world, upbringing, experiences, mood emotions and many more factors.

Therefore, if someone views or judges you as being unresourceful, this is something we must acknowledge and decide how much of it we are going to resourcefully or un-resourcefully take on.

What we take on is our choice. We choose what we allow into our worlds and what we allow to sit on our minds and bring our mood up or down.

So, next time you are faced with challenges, good times, positivity, negativity and the gamete of experiences life throws at us, remember…

We can not read minds, we can not truly understand why people cast the judgement’s they cast, but we can choose how we respond, resourcefully or unresourcefully.

Thanks for reading,

April x


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